You Are Invited – Our New Website!

Saving Graceys is so excited to announce our new website! When we started out helping our own dental office, we had no idea where this venture would lead us. We have prayed over our business and we’re thankful for all the doors that have opened. In addition to cutting cost in dental practices, we have also been able to help students recoup expenses. Savings without compromising Quality and Great Customer Service is our Vision. We hope our new website will make shopping, as well as selling to us, easier and more efficient. You are invited to check us out at  We would appreciate any insight that you may have to make our site better.  We are so thankful to you all for your business, support and enthusiasm!  Our little business is growing and we feel so, so blessed.  Let us know what you think and how we can be ”instrumental to you saving” in your dental practice.

Many Blessings!
Vicky Councilman, RDH
Pam Causey, RDH
Saving Graceys, LLC

saving graceys vicky and pam

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