Ultrasonic Inserts Review

Vicky and I currently work at the same dental office as hygienists. Our office manager suggested that after our morning meetings, we start having 3 minute commercials of different products used around the office. Anything from MI paste to anesthetics, you name it. Of course, I was on vacation when this first started. My next day back, I started rambling about my inserts getting bent. So there you have it, it was my turn to do a commercial. I’m always concerned with ultrasonic tips getting bent and I wanted to use this opportunity to enlighten everyone how to care for these $150.00 instruments. ($150 retail, but sold in our Saving Graceys e-store $80 btw.)


First, lets start with the different types of inserts and power settings:
Triple Bend-used for heavy deposits on med – high power
Universal-lt to moderate or mod to heavy deposits on med – high power
Rt/Lt & Straight-lt to mod deposits on low to med power
Thin-lt to mod deposits on low to med power
Swivel Xtra Thin-lt deposit low to med power

Note: Inserts should not be used for picking cement off of a spatula! Yes, seen it happen!

At the beginning of day, run water thru hand piece for 2 minutes.
Fill entire hand piece with water and twist insert into handpiece prior to use.
This increases the life of the O-ring and avoids a leaky insert.
A worn O-ring allows the water to leak out of the handpiece.
Overheating may be due to settings and insufficient water flow.


Inspect, clean and sterilize prior to use.
Never use phenols or iodophores.
Do not expose to dry heat sterilization.
Place tips in IMS metal cassettes (sold on Saving Graceys’ Product page), instead of bagging items.
Never place HEAVY items on top of bagged inserts while in sterilizer.
Inserts that have bent, altered, worn tips should be removed from service.

Generally inserts last about a year. (Depending on how often they are used).
Measuring guides are available at Hu-Friedy or Dentslpy.
Also, Hu-Friedy has a recycling program. Trade 12 instruments for 1 free handscaler!
(Not a free ultrasonic insert)

Note: Tips usually get bent by being dropped accidentally or during the sterilization process.

Personally, I don’t know why any hygienist would not use ultrasonics whether its Piezo or Magnetostrictive.  These tips help my day go easier and most patients love it! (Most but not ALL). Often, I use multiple tips on one patient. Be mindful of tip selection for each patient. For example, the right/left tips help to gain access in areas of furcation. The Thinner tips work great around the canines. I was amazed at the access I could achieve. Next time you have a patient with misalignment around #22,27- break out your explorer-I promise you’ll find some calculus…

“Making an Instrumental Difference.” Contact Saving Graceys for mirrors, explorers, scalers and much more. Give us a call 336-508-1739 or 336-580-0228.

-Pam & Vicky


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