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The “NEVI COLLECTION” is what Hu-Friedy calls it! Makes it sound exciting like a designer collection. Which one SHOULD you choose? Well, there are four different styles and I’m going to discuss the most popular: Nevi 2, Nevi 3, and Nevi 4.

Maybe you have tried these already in your dental office or maybe you recently graduated hygiene school and had them in your cassettes. But for the rest of us who graduated decades ago, we have a habit of using the same instruments we were trained on during dental hygiene school.

The Nevi Collection has the Everedge Technology. The long lasting sharpness of Everedge instruments is because of the Proprietary Process. Proprietary heat treatment and cryogenic processing help keep the superior edges that will last the entire life of the instrument. It is not just a superficial coating! The cryogenic process is used to increase wear resistance and life on all metals and some plastics in many industries besides dental tools.

Nevi 2 (pictured red)- This posterior Sickle Scaler is for light to moderate calculus removal. It has the thinnest dual tapered blade compared to the others. Removes calculus with minimal tissue trauma. (Patients will love that!) It has EXTRA blade length for easy access under contacts.

Nevi 3 (pictured pink)- Posterior Sickle Scaler for light to moderate calculus removal in tight, narrow posterior interproximal areas. It does have an ultra slender blade with dual cutting edges.
The bend is in the shank, though it doesn’t have the extra length like the Nevi 2, it’s still great!

Nevi 4 (pictured gray)-Posterior Sickle Scaler used for scaling heavy posterior interproximal deposits. The increased shank size and rigidness help remove tenacious, heavy and burnished deposits. YES, the Hu-Friedy website listed “BURNISHED.” Ugg- I do not like burnished calculus!! The Nevi 4 does have the largest blade of the 3 Nevi’s.

PDT Montana Jack (pictured yellow)- I have pictured the Montana Jack with the Nevi’s to show you that the Nevi 3 and Nevi 4 are similar in shape and contour. Honestly, they are all great!

I hope these descriptions help in choosing from the NEVI COLLECTION! I did not list the Nevi 1, which has a sickle end and a disc end. SHHH! That is because I use the posterior sickle scalers sometimes for the whole mouth. No judgement, please! And who can get rid of the H6/H7? It’s always there, like your favorite pair of black shoes.

-Saving Graceys

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One thought on “The Nevi Series Review

  • Erika

    The Nevi collection is outstanding!! These are perfect for tricky interproximal calculus areas and heavier deposits prior to SRP. I often use them for universal debridement in probing depths 5mm or less. The rigid shanks are great for heavy supra calc. Love the Nevi 4!