Langer 3/4


Used for maxillary posterior, both mesial & distal surfaces. Universal blade allows instrumentation on both mesial & distal surfaces.

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Handles Vary. Similar shank as a Gracey 13/14 but suitable for mesial & distal surfaces with a greater angle than the Langer 1/2 to better reach the molars.

The Langer Curettes has the shank design of the Gracey Curettes and a universal blade, allowing utilization of the same instrument for both mesial and distal surfaces. Langer Curettes have the following characteristics:

  • Universal blade
  • Gracey shank design
  • Set of 4 for the entire dentition
  • Rigid design

In addition to these characteristics, the Langer Curettes have a slightly shorter and thicker terminal shank. Thus, this makes them a little less flexible and much more effective on larger, tenacious calculus deposits.

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handle types

RIGID SATIN, Satin Steel, Everedge, Resin- gray


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