Setting Up Your Hygiene Department

saving graceys dental office setup

If you are a newly graduating dentist and aren’t sure where to get started in setting up your hygiene department, we are here to help. We have had the pleasure of assisting several dentists across North Carolina with selecting equipment, organizing their hygiene operatories, and setting up their sterilization for better instrument processing and tray set ups.

Hygiene is the backbone of the dental practice. It just is. An estimated 30% of your overall production will come from your hygiene department and the majority of your dental treatment will be diagnosed in the hygiene room. Every product that you sell and every diagnostic tool that you buy will be introduced during the hygiene appointment. This is where you need to focus on first when setting up your new practice. If you do not have a hygienist yet and need some guidance, we are ready to assist. Just fill out the form by clicking this link and we will contact you right away.