Hygiene Bootcamp

saving graceys bootcamp 2015 forsyth tech

Hygiene Bootcamp will consist of two sessions: The first session will be held in the Spring and the 2nd in the Fall. This course is designed for newly graduated students with less than 3 years experience to assist in becoming “dental practice ready”. A licensed hygienist not only has to know all aspects of the periodontal disease process and treatment options, but they also need to know many other aspects of dentistry. Plain and simple, RDH’s wear several hats and are responsible for much. The hygienist primary role is as an educator to their patients. These same patients will look to the hygienist for answers concerning their dental health and treatment recommendations. Many of their questions will be about things that go beyond what you were taught in school. Let us help you hit the floor running in your profession! Let us help you master verbal skills needed to discuss prescribed treatment, to assess toothache issues, and to navigate soft tissue management and insurance coding. Let us help you increase your job marketability!

Our next upcoming BOOTCAMP will be:
Complete Health: The Perio Puzzle Piece
Friday, February 10, 2017
12-3pm (3 CE)
Forsyth Technical Community College
Registration Fee: TBD

***more information to come*****