Handpiece Buyback Program for Colleges


As you know, students across the country are purchasing new expensive handpieces to use while in school and then have no need for them once they are working in their new office. This is a real dilemma and very wasteful.

Saving Graceys, LLC became a vendor for the state of North Carolina in 2014 and is planning to expand to other states. This allowed us to buyback handpieces from the graduating class in the Summer and then sell the handpieces to the incoming class in the Fall. To eliminate the concern of buying pre-owned handpieces, we also offer a warranty on the handpieces for the entire time the students are in school. This gives graduates money back on their expenses and helps the incoming class save a considerable amount up front on their handpiece purchase. We are happy to say, this has really worked out well! We have worked with several community colleges in North Carolina including, GTCC-Guilford Technical Community College, CPCC-Central Piedmont Community College, & CVCC-Catawba Valley Community College.

With more and more expenses piled on the students every year, we know you are always looking for ways to help them. This might be a way to start. If you are interested in trying this BUYBACK program in your school, please let us know! You can get started by filling out the form by clicking here and we will contact you back right away. We look forward to working with you and we are confident that we can complement your already outstanding program! Contact Saving Graceys, LLC by email or phone.

Pam & Vicky