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It is suffice to say that either you work for a dental office that buys you new hygiene instruments or you don’t! As hygienists we sometimes sacrifice our hands and wrist to try to make the dull, nubby instrument go as far as it can. And why? Is it because we’ve lost our voice for what we need? Take charge and organize your hygiene set-ups. I know it’s hard to rally a change because all the hygienist I know see 8 patients a day or more and never come out of their operatory. If cost is the reason, then we have to speak up and let our dentist or office manager know. Inform them that the hygiene instruments are dull, less effective and make us physically compromise ourselves when we use them. Either way, hygienists should have sharp instruments, period!

How long do hygiene instruments last? I am so glad you ask! First, you must take into consideration the amount of sharpening the hygienists perform and how many times in a day the set-ups are used. Generally, a scaling instrument lasts about 1 year. However, with new technology emerging, scalers can last 15-18 months with as much as 720 uses. Second, if you use the ultrasonics frequently, have multiple set-ups, and treat more “Class I” patients than “Class III’s”, you might make instrument longevity last up to 2 years.

Saving Graceys would love to assist you with your ongoing hygiene needs. In addition, we can help save your practice 50% on equipment as compared to retail. We inspect every item and give a 30 day warranty. Please check out our NEW WEBSITE,

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