Saving Graceys is up and moving! Vicky and I are very excited and nervous about our new business adventure. Visiting the hygiene schools in North Carolina has been very exciting! When you walk into the dental clinics and the classrooms, it just gives you goose bumps. It brings back lots of memories. We form bonds over the years and though people sometimes grow apart, they are never forgotten. Wow! The excitement of a new graduate!! Let’s always keep that momentum going and move forward in our profession!

Vicky and I are still currently practicing Dental Hygiene in Greensboro, North Carolina. We’ve shared a lot over the years working for the same dentist, Dr. Lisa Adornetto. From office meetings, dental seminars, hosting lunches, birthday parties, birth of our children, lots of laughs and a few tears! Our business started with just a little idea of helping our own practice save money and still being able to use high quality instruments.

Let us increase your Profit Margin by cutting back on your expenses. Your hygienist can have the best and still reduce cost in the hygiene department. I have to ask, “When is the last time you have bought your hygienist new instruments?” Hopefully within the last year to year 1/2. THEY DO NOT LAST FOREVER! Hygienist often work with instruments that are less than ideal: Worn down from numerous sharpening, misaligned from retipping, or even bent and broken tips. The point- Hygienist need high quality instruments and equipment. Hygiene students treat very few patients while they are in school. Their instruments are in like-new condition. They see an equivalent of 2 weeks worth of patients!

Ultrasonic tips are measured with a gauge for efficacy. Scalers are measured with a Certified Micrometer. Give us a try! We will give you quality products and quality service!



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  • Dr. David Sullivan

    I have bought several instruments from Saving Graceys and they have all been in excellent condition. The instruments were delivered promptly and service was friendly and professional. Would highly recommend them and plan to use Saving Graceys again.